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Brand Recondition

Your brand separates you from others. It is crucial that your brand (once created) remains consistent in all of your marketing efforts. Your customers will instantly recognize you and the product or services you provide. Consistent branding will result in a consistent following, ultimately growing and retaining sales for your business. Below are the services BigFoot can provide, both online and off, to properly brand your business.

Online Branding

  • Main Website

    This is where you tell the world about you or your product.It’s free advertising, so take advantage.

  • Landing Pages

    Combine your website with several complementary landing pages to capture maximum traffic.

  • Social Media

    Broadcast your mesaage about your business and products socially & have fun doing it!

  • Promotion

    Online advertising campaigns such as pay-per-click will ensure even more visitors to your site.

Cross Platform Branding

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Offline Branding

  • Logos

    Your company’s logo is it’s identity. Gain instant recognition from a well designed and attractive logo.

  • Product Labels

    Complement your physical or digital products with labels or packaging themed to your brand.

  • Print Media

    High quality business cards, flyers and brochures can distinguish you as a first class operation.

  • Advertisements

    Print ads of all types will help to catch interest and promote your business and services.

Incorporating a strong brand with the above marketing techniques, both online and off, will provide your customers with the total themed experience. BigFoot Web Labs can help you develop an effective plan to develop your brand, market your business, and expand your identity; all key in growing your online sales. Request a Free Design Quote above to see how your business can benefit from a stretegic branding plan.

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